Built Up - Tar & Single
Ply Roofs

Built-Up roofing is sometimes referred to as "Hot Tar" roofing; they are one and the same. This roofing is comprised of several alternating layers of rolled out fiberglass based materials and molten tar. First, a layer of "Base Paper" is nailed down to the prepared surface. This layer serves as a buffer between the structure and the roofing material. It allows for some structural shifting without damaging the roofing and provides a high quality surface on which to bond the roofing.

Next an asphalt-impregnated roll of fiberglass is applied to the base layer using molten tar melts and bonds with the asphalt in the fiberglass, in effect binding them into one. This step is repeated two to five times, depending on the desired warranty period, but two or three is most common and extremely effective.

Single Ply Roofs
Hot mopped process roofing of modified bitumen waterproofing membranes composed of carefully selected asphalts (bitumen) having superior modifying characteristics, blended with high quality polypropylene resins. Polyester fabric waterproofing membranes yield the following performance characteristics:
  • Impermeable To Water
  • Low Temp Flexibility
  • UV Resistance
  • Excellent To Acids And Most Bases
  • Puncture Resistant
  • Excellent Workability
  • Longevity
  • Simple To Detect Leaks And Repair

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GAF Modified Bitumen White
Granulated Mop Used For Built-Up

Design and use of Modified Bitumen
Roofing Systems

Modified bitumen roof products can be used in various system configurations, depending upon the roof requirements. For small projects such as decks, additions and porches, two-ply systems comprised of a base and cap sheet may be appropriate (in conjunction with flashing membrane as specified by the manufacturer). For larger residential roofs and commercial applications, three-ply systems comprised of a base covered with mid ply and cap are recommended. However, note that without the use of a base sheet, the membrane may be difficult to later remove (if necessary) and certain UL and FM listings for the products may not apply. Prior to application of any roof products, ensure roofs have adequate slope and drainage.

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