Disaster Relief Construction from Gulf Atlantic Industries




We are an approved FEMA, Metro Dade Special Housing Contractor and United Methodist Church Disaster Relief Team Specialist.

In 1993 we received the Mayor’s Award for our performance during the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew.

If your home has been damaged due to a hurricane related disaster, we can help. Disaster relief contracting from the pros. CALL TODAY, NOT SOMEDAY………


Call : (800) 679-0369 or (305) 937-0500

Fax: (305) 937-6280

E-Mail : info@gulfatlanticindustries.com


Tips for Homeowners

To get your complete downloadable list of steps for homeowner hurricane preparedness click here: “Hurricane Preparedness: Ten Steps You Can Do to Help Prepare Your Florida Home or Condo Prior to a Hurricane Evacuation“.