Hurricane season is upon us in Florida, as it officially began June 1 and ends on November 30. It’s important for your safety to not waste time during the event of an evacuation. Being prepared prior to an order to evacuate can also help you minimize understandable feelings of frustration and being inconvenienced.

Gulf Atlantic Industries of America, Inc (GAI) is a state licensed and insured Florida contractor. They offer 10 steps to help prepare your home or condominium. Following them can help minimize damage and assist you with a smoothly executed evacuation plan.

Ten Steps for Preparing Your Florida Home or Condominium Prior to a Hurricane Evacuation

  1. Take inside all exterior furniture and loose objects on pool decks, yards, and balconies.
  2. If you have hurricane shutters, roll down shutters, or removable storm panel systems, they should be securely locked in the closed position. If you do not have approved hurricane protection devices, securely nail in place 3/4 inch plywood over all your accessible window and door openings.
  3. For those of you who have screen pool enclosures and or screen patios/balconies it is advisable to cut the screens at the bottom of each section for winds anticipated over 90 miles per hour. It will relieve pressure off the structure.
  4. For those of you who have turbine ventilators on your roof, remove them and securely cap. Solar hot water panels should also be securely shrink wrapped.
  5. Move all fragile objects and valuable possessions away from the windows and sliding doors.
  6. Place folded towels at the bottom of doors, windows, and in the interior tracks of sliding doors to minimize, or eliminate water intrusion.
  7. Check all faucets, stove, and oven to be certain they are in the closed position.
  8. Unplug your electronics prior to leaving your residence to avoid electrical surges that may damage home electronics, appliances, or cause a fire.
  9. Place your insurance policy and important documents in a plastic zip lock bag or waterproof container and take them with you.
  10. Make sure in advance that you have a full tank of fuel in your vehicle.

Gulf Atlantic Industries is proud to announce that they are an authorized participating contractor in “My Safe Florida Home”. This is a State of Florida administered program designed to assist homeowners to better harden their homes and protect themselves and their families from treacherous windstorm damage. To learn more about this program visit